Last week we began to look at what legacy we are going to leave behind. By taking a first look at my upcoming book How to Live Forever, we saw that the true way to live on after we are gone is to touch as many lives as possible while we are here. Today’s quote breaks it down a little more by letting us know that no matter what happens in life we should be good to each other.

My question for you, my amazing readers, is what will you do this year to be good to others and cement your legacy? Also, how are you able to treat others good while your own life may be in chaos? I look forward to hearing all of your ideas and suggestions. Let us start a discussion on different ways we can treat each other good.



2 thoughts on “WHAT IS YOUR IDEA?

  1. Not sure what I can leave behind. All I know is you just have to lead by example. Not everyone in life has grown in what you would call a good home life. So with that being said for a very very long time I grew up hating life and people. The things I have gone through have done a number on me, but you have to learn not to dwell on your past. You have to live for you. It took me along time to realize that. I guess you can say I’ve come along way. I used to think I was happy but I wasn’t I was miserable. I learned I needed to make myself happy before I could make others happy. I had to love myself before I could love someone else. I don’t mean like loving a child, because the live a person has for there child is a completely different kind of love you give to a man or woman. It took me to notice the people I hung out with and the lifestyle I was living that I was doing it all wrong, something needed to change. I don’t know when or how, I just started doing things differently. I now feel like a better person. I could go on an on but knowing I have positive people in my life I can help others and myself without the negative effects.

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  2. I have learned life is too short to be bitter. Life is too short to ponder on hurt, anger, or any negative feelings, thoughts or actions. So each day, being a Christian, I ask God through Jesus Christ to help me be kind to everyone, and help those I can. I take one day at a time.

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