What do you say when people ask you a routine greeting? You know what I am talking about. A coworker walking by asks “What’s up Neil?” ok, that would be weird if your name wasn’t also Neil, but feel free to insert your name there. Even the more informal coffee shop employee asking “How are you today?” what is your average reply? Is it a simple “OK” or “doing well and how are you?” Often this is something we don’t pay much attention to. I always encourage people to use a positive response. Not just “Great” or “Really good” but something catchy. I have heard “any better there would be two of me” Myself I often use the word “Legendary” to be my reply. The reason you should use a positive reply is two fold. First, it inspires those you come in contact with. With a few glaring exceptions, not many people are interested in hearing about problems you may be having or hearing a bit of negativity in response to a greeting. Second, and more important to our business here, it sets your mind on that path of thinking positive. You may be asking right now “what if I am not legendary? What if my day really sucks. I don’t want to lie to some charming lady at starbucks”  Here is the thing, eventually saying your doing great in whatever way you choose to put it helps your mind get used to that and will eventually make that your reality.

So what is my favorite reply? It was given to me by my friend Samantha who is a server at a local restaurant here. When she came to take my order I inquired as to how her day was going. Her response? “Living the dream Neil” Again, feel free to leave off my name. I asked her if I could steal that phrase and she was kind enough to say yes. It has since become the title of my upcoming book and the focus of my current work.

How does all of this relate to you? Great question. Here is the one question I have been examining and that I would like you to ask yourself. What does “Living the dream” mean to you? How can you turn the life you have into the life you love? We are not talking about winning the lottery. What we are talking about is taking small steps right now that can have a big impact on your life. In addition to asking yourself this question I encourage you to seek out others as well. Don’t we all know people, who despite daily challenges, are really in love with their life? Ask them what their secret is. In the next couple of blog posts I will share with you some of the answers I have discovered both in speaking with others as well as doing some research on my own. I also welcome you to share any answers you discover on your own.