What can apple seeds teach us about personal transformation? Let me share this story with you.  I heard this story perhaps a week ago and it really helped put into focus a point I often try to relate to others.
A young man was having lunch with his father when they cut open an apple. The father asked his son what was inside the apple. Thinking his father might be suffering from a moment of memory loss the son politely answered “they are just apple seeds dad”. The father informed him he was only partly right.  Seeing the son’s confused look he went on to explain. “They are only apple seeds right now. They are actually apple trees waiting to happen”.

Stop and read that last line again. Inside every apple are several apple trees that can create hundreds of more apples for years to come. The same holds true with us. All too often we look at our current situation and view that as reality. What we forget is each one of us is like an apple seed. We have the potential to become a tree and give blossom to many great ideas and inspire many for years to come.

So why do we not all become ‘trees’? The same reason all seeds do not. We need to plant our ideas, to water grow and care for them.  We need to do all of this in an environment that allows us to grow.

So look at your current environment. Is it conducive to allowing our seeds of greatness to grow? When you feel frustrated with your current situation remember sometimes a seed has to be buried and grow underground long before it breaks ground.  Keep working and next time you eat and apple, take time to notice the seeds and reflect on this lesson.

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This weekend take time to go easy on yourself. Take time to recharge your batteries. I was speaking with Travis Jones who writes last weekend. He took some bold steps to take some time away from the entertainment he does to focus on other more important aspects of his life.  The result? A refreshed spirit,done great new blog posts and energy going into the future.

Even if you are doing what you love, what you are passionate about and it hardly seems like work at all, you still need to focus on you from time to time. My favorite way to explain this, especially to the givers out there, is that you cannot fill a glass from an empty pitcher. If you keep giving and giving eventually the pitcher will be empty and no cups will be filled.

Another thing this does is give you fortitude. Life is sure to present some challenges to you at the most inopportune time. If those challenges find your energy and inspiration close to empty you may get knocked down. If they come up against a fresh and energetic spirit, they don’t stand a chance.

So do something for you this weekend.  Find something that inspires you or recharges your batteries. If you feel guilty about that, remember that you must have a full pitcher if you hope to fill someone else’s cup. So take care of yourself so we can all take care of each other!

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These 3 simple things can change your world and everyone involved in it. The first one compliment people is very important. Our lives are full of people trying to criticize or even sometimes just waiting to prove what’s wrong. By being the person who always looks what’s right in a person you will be the one everyone looks forward to seeing. You will not only make them feel good but you will feel good about how enthusiastic everyone greets you. The second one magnify their strengths is equally as important. People love to hear what it is that they do well. Which is why the third one not their weaknesses is important. Truly when there is something wrong with those we care about we do like to let them know but trust me there are plenty of people and sometimes even the mirror to let them know what they have to improve on. Plus when we build people up they will also want to improve every area of their lives. So try these three things today and see how the lives of those around you and your life as well improve



I posted this on my Facebook page 4 years ago. It showed up in my memories and I was interested to note although I agree with this statement, my approach is almost opposite. While it is true if you fill your days with attention to negative people and situations there leaves little time to focus on what is good. This will leave you feeling at the very best uninspired at the end of the day. Do this over a prolonged period of time and you will feel tired, worn out and depressed.

So how can you eliminate the negative from your life? Here is a very painless and easy formula I share at my seminars. If you are anything like me telling your negative friend “I can’t hang out with you because you just bring me down and complain all of the time” is not that easy. So how can you eliminate negative things in your life? Here is the formula. The best way to limit and get rid of the negative is by adding the positive.

How does this work? Well I heard people say that they don’t like looking at their Facebook pages because it is to negative and drama filled. I tell them to get rid of those people or at the very least hide their newsfeeds. I hear a million and one reasons why this can’t happen. “It’s my uncle though” or “I have to work with this person everyday”. Ok, well then add positive pages and people. At least that way when you log on between the politics and drama you may find some motivation and inspiration. Same works for negative people that want your time. Find some positive people and pursuits and commit your time to them. Then when the negative Nancys come calling you can honestly say “I’m sorry I am busy that night” Even if you feel obligated to spend some time with these folks if you also add positive people and experiences they can certainly be a little easier to take.

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