Today in the United states is the draft for the NFL.  Being a big football fan I’ll be interested to see who picks what. The draft had me thinking about how much it mirrors life. What do I mean by that? For those of you not sports minded,a draft is where teams pick new players to make there team better. We can do the same in our lives. Decide what kind of players (friends,  business partners or even spouse) you want and begin to scout, or look for those people. When you find them recruit or draft them into your life! Before you know it you will have an all star team capable of winning a championship life.

One more side to this. Ask yourself, where would you be drafted? Is there anything you could do to make you a more tempting choice to be on someone’s team? Perhaps be more fun to be around? More helpful? More kind? More compassionate? A good rule of thumb is to recall the skills you we looking for in people and see if you have those same traits. Good luck and we will see you at the draft