Last post we discussed enjoying the process. That is, whatever goal you are chasing, whatever you are trying to accomplish, whatever outcome you are working towards, remember to focus on the enjoying the journey. Celebrate small victories. Understand challenges and what may seem as temporary failures are really learning opportunities and stepping stones to where you wish to go.

Why is this so important? It is paramount! Up to 90% of our life is spent on the journey from one point to another. If you catch yourself uttering phrases like, “I will be happy when..” Stop right there. By stating that you will only be happy when the goal is achieved, the destination is arrived at, you are postponing your happiness. Who decides when you should be happy? You do! You do this by assigning meaning to daily events. The difference between happy, successful people and those who feel life is hard are whether or not you do so consciously.

We do not get to decide what circumstances arrive daily, but we do get to decide 100% on what it means to us. It is the difference of life happening to you or you happening to life. If you are living in reaction you are giving up control of your emotional well-being to other people, other circumstances, the weather and a million other sources. It is our decisions, not our circumstances that should control our life. Do not wait for the weekend, do not wait for graduation, to not wait until you are married or get that dream job. Decide to be happy starting today, starting right now.

If you wait to be happy in your relationship until you are married, you may never get there. Decide to create as much happiness in your relationship starting today and when wedding bells chime, your heart will be exploding with more joy than you can imagine. Postpone your happiness until that dream job arrives and you may not only be passed over for a more enthusiastic and cheerful candidate, you may even lose the job you are not enjoying now. Decide to find even the smallest things to enjoy and be grateful for in the job you are in now, and you will find yourself receiving praise from those around you and you will find in a short time you will have outgrown your position!

The most important benefit of this decision will be the improvement in the quality of your life. You will have good days and bad days. What is for certain, when you adopt this attitude, you will grow on each and every one of them. You will also find your hardest days will be your greatest blessings. Develop an attitude that says ‘Either I will win, or I will learn’

One thought on “STOP WAITING!

  1. This reminded me about something! I said in the last writing of yours that I was happy with my life. While that is true, I remembered something my daughter and I have always talked about.

    We have both been into animals for our entire lives. She will soon be 45 and while she does have two dogs and two cats, her passion has always been horses. As a teen she was into horse jumping. Every time I would go to watch her, I’d say to myself, “what’s the matter with just riding?” Once she got married and the next year bought a house and the had my first grandson, all her dreams about horses was put on the back burner. There it stayed!

    My one and only far fetched dream, going back at least 10 years, was to win a mega millions lottery! The first 10% to God and the rest for animals. Shelly and I planned it all out! We would buy multi-hundreds of acres in western Wisconsin, where it’s green and has rolling hills. Each of us would have a 3 bedroom ranch and a barn and we would spend whatever we had to, to create the biggest dog, cat, horse and farm animal rescue! I still buy lottery tickets, but now, it will be all for her dream!

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