Have you heard about the Law of Attraction? Does it seem too good to be true? Does it sound like something from a science fiction movie? Does it sound too new age for you? You are not alone.

What if I were to tell you there was actual science behind why this does work? The Law of Attraction is real and it has to do with a part of the brain we use every day! Once I show you this powerful example and how you are already unwittingly putting it to use in your own life. With a few tweaks, you can take this part of your brain and consciously put it to work for you.

In my latest podcast episode we examine this phenomenon and tell you how to use it to start manifesting the kind of life you are dreaming of.



Yesterday, I took a rest day. To be honest, I’m not very good at that. Today, I’m feeling rather healthy, and even more important, happy. In physical fitness, they always recommend you take a day off to let your body heal. I believe the same is true for your mind and your spirit. Even the toughest of us need a chance to catch our breath.

So, go ahead. Take a rest day. You deserve it.


One of the most important areas of our lives is our relationships. I am not sure if there is anything that has a greater impact on our emotional well-being than our relationship to others, especially our intimate relationship.

The relationship field is a multi-billion dollar industry. There are books, seminars, therapy, coaching and a million other options. Add to that things like candy, flowers,greeting cards and other gifts and the dollar amount soars. I’m here to tell you there is one thing you can do that will mean more to your spouse than any of those things. It is also cheaper. It can even be free! One thing that can improve your relationship no matter how good, or not so good, it is currently.

I promise if you do this one thing, your relationship will be stronger, more fun and your partner will be more in love with you than ever before. I go into greater detail about this in my second book, Living the Dream, but I’ll give you the short version here. The Secret is…become the best version of you that you can be.

Investing time and effort in yourself may seem selfish, but it is actually one of the best investments you can make in your relationship. The better you make yourself, the better your relationship will be. Work on becoming a better listener, that will have positive effects on your relationship. Get in better shape? You will have more energy and become more attractive to your spouse. Learn a new skill? It is another interesting aspect you bring to life with your partner.

As you can see, I use this in my own relationship with my beautiful Margie. Here is another great thing. You can always work on improving yourself. There are always ways to become a better version of yourself. This means there is always a possibility of your relationship getting better! How cool is that?

As a very important added bonus, if things don’t work out in a relationship, working on yourself helps limit the regret. There is no wondering “if only I had…” You can rest assured you brought your best self to your relationship. Sure, you going to make mistakes, but as long as you learn and keep improving, so will your relationship

Although this is most noticeable in a romantic relationship, it holds true for any relationship in your life. It also holds true for your life in general. When you improve, so does your relationships and so does your life.


Before there is any confusion, or before Margie gets worked up, let me clarify what I mean here. You will not be taking the actual physical me home with you. I know, I know. Who wouldn’t want to spend quality time with such a dashing and charming author? That blessing (or curse depending on the day) is reserved for Margie. You could take me home in the form of one of my 3 books, such as my friend Raymon did in the photo above.

As they say in infomercials, “But wait! There’s more!” If you have read any of my books, or this blog for that matter, you know that I write like I talk. What you can’t get is the voice inflection, and the feeling of excitement in my voice for the message I’m delivering. Have you ever wondered how I come up with what I write? What goes into creating both these blogs and my books? Where do the ideas come from? How about the motivation to write?

Introducing… LIVING THE DREAM WITH NEIL PANOSIAN podcast! That’s right friends, I have taken the plunge and created my own podcast. In addition to hearing sections of my books and these blogs in my own voice, you will get the back story on how they came to be. You will also get to know a little bit more about yours truly. Where do I get my ideas? How do I stay motivated to write? Plus, many other tips and tools to make your life better!

Just click on the link below and listen to the LIVING THE DREAM WITH NEIL PANOSIAN podcast! Make sure to subscribe to get the latest episode!πŸ˜€



This is a good rule of thumb. 3 hobbies. One to keep you creative. I use this blog to do that and soon will add a podcast. One to keep you in shape. I walk and hike with my mother as well as go to the gym for that. One to make you money. For that, I write books. I would add one to fulfill your spirit. For that, I meditate daily and spend time reading books in nature.

What are your 3 hobbies? What do you do to stay creative? What do you to make money? How about stay in shape? Do you have a hobby that fulfills your soul? Is there another category you can think of?


Today is Friday. Wrapping up the workweek, and preparing for the weekend. Instead of fretting about what we didn’t quite finish, or worse yet, worrying about what we have to accomplish next week, let us finish strong and celebrate what we did accomplish.

A personal example, I did not finish starting my podcast. I did, however, finish my third book and start setting up the podcast. I’m going to finish the week strong and celebrate what I did accomplish. That will allow me to enjoy the 2 days until the next week begins. If you feel you must worry, save that for Monday morning. Have a great weekend my friends! πŸ˜ƒ


My third book is at the publisher! It has been roughly 6 months in the making. I tried something new and wrote everything by hand first. This created an extra step, but seemed to work for this story.

The writing cost me several summer afternoons that I would have rather spent relaxing in the sun. It included late nights, early mornings and many long days. In the end it was all worth it. I feel I created a book that will reach and help so many.

Now it is time to take a break and recharge before embarking on my next literary adventure. I’ll keep you posted when this book becomes available. Thank you to everyone who made this all possible!