This picture really says it all. If you are alive right now, you should be enjoying your life to the fullest. Sure, you might not have the perfect body, you might not have the perfect job and unless you are as lucky and blessed as I am you might not have the perfect mate. So what!

You are alive and the possibility to improve exists. You can become healthier, wealthier and whatever else you are chasing. While working towards whatever goal you have there is one thing you should had to the top of any goal, no matter what that goal is. What should be included in any list you have whether it is goals, to do, or even shopping lists, somewhere on that list you should have some version of these words – enjoy and have fun during the process.

Why? A better question is, “Why Not?” We only go once around the ride and if you are not finding ways to enjoy your life, you are wasting it. Want to get in shape? Maybe start walking with a friend? Sharing your progress online with a supportive group of people. Looking for that perfect person to share your life with? Maybe find entertainment in the ‘unique’ people you will no doubt have to go through. Stuck in a job you dislike? Be grateful for as many things as you can in that job even if it is just the motivation to look for something better for yourself.

I know people who actually do the very opposite of this. See if this sounds familiar. You are at a fabulous all-inclusive resort in the tropics. The sun is shining, the love of your life is across from you with a big smile on their face. Suddenly, from the table next to you a voice can be heard. It is a man complaining his burger is too well done. Not only is he complaining about it, but he seems to be almost obsessing about it. Then he adds how dry the bun is. Forget that the weather is perfect, you can smell the ocean and flowers and birds are everywhere, his hamburger is dry. Sound ridiculous? Some people really live this way. Don’t be one of them. If your burger is dry, take a nice slow slip of rum and say to yourself with a chuckle, “Next time I will get the jerk chicken.”

How can we enjoy the process? There are several ways. Ask yourself questions like these, “What can I be grateful for in this situation?” “What can I find that I love?” Also look for the humor is challenging situations. If all else fails, shake your head and say, “At least I am going to have a good story.” Remember every bad day only serves to make us more grateful for the good ones. Let us all remember to enjoy our life to the fullest.

One thought on “WHY NOT?

  1. I think at my age and with my declining health, a good day is awaking in the morning and putting two feet on the floor! That may sound so what to some, but believe me, it’s the start of a new day for me.

    There is 14 years between my sister and I, with me being the oldest. My grandparents swore I’d never get married and have children because I always had to take care of my 3 younger siblings. To everyone’s surprise, all I wanted when I graduated from high school was to get married, have kids and a house with the “white picket fence.” That was in the mid-60’s and I was as conservative then as I am now. No hippie culture for me!

    The world was so different 50 years ago. Our family anyway, revolved around each other. We took care of home, we went to work, shopped and vacationed at our grandparents in the Northwoods. It hasn’t changed much for me and I love the life I have. I may not take extravagant vacations or live in a fancy home, but my family, (which includes many dogs among us all), and the beautiful nature God created, is all I’ve ever needed. Sure, there has been tragedy, some hardships and disappointments, but that’s life! I’ll defend my family and passions and “God willing”, I’ll wake up in the morning and put my two feet on the floor to start another new day.

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