Anyone who has spent a good deal of time with me, especially my lovely and patient lady, knows there is one word I despise. That word, as you may have guessed from the picture above is ‘try’. Why do I dislike the word ‘try’ so much? Because it weakens us. What do I mean by this? Often people discount the power of the words they use. I have seen this in many situations. Say these two statements out loud. Don’t worry if you are in public, let people wonder. OK, if you are to uncomfortable you can even say them to yourself, but it does drive the point home better out loud. First say “I will try to be healthier in the coming year”. How does that feel? Now, say “I am determined to be healthy this year no matter what it takes”. Feel different? The first one seems to offer a one time shot at something. You will “try” it. If it doesn’t work, well you gave it a shot. The second focuses more on the goal than on the actual act of accomplishing it. If I were to try and become a successful author I may do one or two things and then give up and resign my life to working at the Postal Service. If I am determined to become a best selling author no matter what, than I will keep doing things until I find one that works and reach my goal.

So this coming weekend look for ‘weak’ words in your vocabulary. Limit your use of words such as try, wish, want, and hope. Become determined. Do not give yourself a way out. Remember the sage advice of the Jedi master in the picture above “Do, or do not. There is no try”

Oh, and on a side note. If you would like to assist me in my quest to become a bestselling author and wish to give yourself a great gift, feel free to check out my book A Happy Life for Busy People Aslo feel free to share this post with all of your friends and Facebook followers. Empower them as well.


  1. excellent advice, thanks for a great reminder that will help empower each of us. I’ve also heard someone say to remove the word “but” from usage- it totally negates what you’ve just said. See the difference if you insert the word “and” in place of “but”. quirky little things, AND yet so powerful. especially when constantly said all day, every day…. (and mostly I like your tiny phrase.. “let people wonder”. I like that. good reminder to stop caring if we are making sense or being logical. thanks again and keep up the inspiring writing. an unknown friend, momentummikey

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  2. I couldn’t not comment on this, this is a great message that you putting out to the world here, and I have huge respect for you for writing this especially for the fact that you’ve managed to link it back to Star Wars. Similarly I say to myself it’s not if, it’s when.

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