As most of you know, this blog is all about discovering ways in which you can live an amazing life. If you were not aware of that, you could ascertain that from the name of said blog.

One of the simplest ways to begin living an amazing life, yet for a lot of us very difficult, is to celebrate ourselves. It is the middle of the week. Hump day as some us say. It is time to take a step back and tell the world what is great about you. If this makes you uncomfortable that is a sign you need to do it even more.

A great way to live an amazing life is to grow our strengths and give of ourselves to the world. In order to do that most effectively, we need to know what we are good at, or put more simply what we rock at. If you are not sure, feel free to ask around. This does not make you self-centered or egotistical. Quite the opposite really. By learning what you are good at you can discover how you can best bring joy to others. Not to mention let others know what they can come to you for.

To help you get a idea of some things you can use I will list a few of mine. 

I am good at putting thoughts and feelings into words.

I am good at discovering ways to turn even the most negative situations to our advantage.

I am a good bartender.

I love to bring joy to those around me.

Hopefully you are getting the idea. Please list some of yours. Let us know why you rock! If anyone wants to add to each other’s lists go right ahead! Let’s all build each other up to finish the week strong! If anyone can think of something I missed on my own list feel free to mention that as well! I can’t wait to hear all the awesome things about each and every one of you!!


10 thoughts on “I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

  1. Neil…
    You are also a great bf to your gf. You are also a great friend to many.
    I am good at helping others through situations in life that they need help with. I am a good listener and always tell the truth when asked a question about someone’s life or others.
    Kelly F… Has great compassion for others. Enjoys helping others and has a really big heart.
    Margie S… Has an awesome personality and is also a wonderful friend. Oh course she’s an awesome caketress…yes that is my made up word for today…lol


  2. I am good at helping people, because the Lord Almighty gave me the ability. I Love to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I try to be a good Friend in Jesus Christ.

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  3. I am confident
    Good listener
    Love everybody and like most
    I’m loyal to a fault in some eyes
    I can create poetry with words
    I express my persona thru music

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