This is an interesting post for me. On days I view technology as a necessary evil. We are all aware of the problems technology causes. Distracted drivers, people losing the ability or desire for personal contact. The inability to remain present. I am as guilty as anyone. Checking my Facebook or LinkedIn instead of striking up conversations with people in the waiting room. The thought of a day at the beach or in the woods with no cell phone, just nature is one I relish.

Still, technology does a lot for us. This was brought to my attention with an awesome person in my neighborhood. A wonderful lady who lives just a few blocks from me was telling me how she wishes for a time like I described above, just nature, those we love and our thoughts. This neighbor, Linda, has some of the most insightful thoughts on my blogs, and gives me great encouragement and motivation to keep working. She shares stories from her life that often parallel what my blog is about, or sometimes even contradict it. This is a great blessing because it causes me to approach the subject from a different angle. We have lots in common. We both like nature, coffee and have amazing people in our lives that love to cook for us. Here is the funny thing about Linda and I, we have never met.

Linda and I began to interact on a neighborhood app called ‘Next Door’. For two people who are fairly keen on taking breaks from technology, I am sure grateful it brought us together. In fact, recently I have had the pleasure of actually meeting some neighbors in person that I may have never met if they did not see my lovely Margie and myself on Next Door first. Andrew, it was great running into you at the grocery store, and Laura I look forward to running into you again at the Peanut and Jelly Deli next time Margie and I are there.

You see as I was thinking of how many amazing people I have met through these apps, and how I look forward to meeting them in person. Not to mention, ‘meeting’ each other online first increases the likely hood of a conversation when we run into each other in person. Something that may never happen without technology. To that end, technology has actually increased personal interaction. When I factor that in with the fact that these apps, along with others have allowed me to share my thoughts and positivity with many more people than I could on my own, I am indeed grateful. Therefore sites like Google +, Facebook, Word Press, Twitter and others all have their place. It is realizing that balance between interacting online and in person.

This week let us appreciate technology and focus on how it can bring us closer. Let us do this while still focusing on fostering our personal interactions. Not to mention when you are having a tough day, there is nothing better than a cute silly picture from the one you love. Trust me on this one. Margie has mastered the art of sending pictures that both melt my heart and bring a smile to my face!

2 thoughts on “THE JOY OF TECHNOLOGY

  1. Very thought provoking when I read this Neil. My coffee mug is full to the brim and while we have leftovers for tonight, my hubby is smoking steelhead filet tomorrow! Yum!

    My first thought when reading this was how NOT having technology gave me memories I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. When I was a teenager I spent my entire summer vacation in Upper Michigan. My maternal grandparents homestead was 5 miles from the main highway, in a forest on a 50 acre lake. Originally, my Grandparents owned all the land around the lake, but he started selling sections in the 40’s. With no television, no telephone and as for radio, sometimes it worked. Surrounded by so many trees, made that a sporadic pleasure. I fished, swam, walked along old logging roads and picked wild raspberries with my Grandma. If we caught enough fish, we’d clean and filet them and Grams would make her famous “fisherman’s breakfast.” Fried perch and bluegills, fried potatoes and fried eggs over easy, all on a huge wood stove! On cool or rainy days I would read. Gramps would light a fire in the fireplace and I usually drifted off into a half snooze, while the grandfather clock that I now have, went tic-toc-tic-toc. Yes, I could write a book on those memories!

    At night I’d sit on this gigantic boulder that was right at the waters edge. When I was on top, the drop to the water was 8 feet down. On clear nights as the moon rose, the beam across the lake was enchanting. There was a nesting pair of loons every year and their call always comforted me. I have the CD of Loon Magic and when I’m alone and all is quiet in the house, all I have to do is close my eyes and let my mind take me back to the 60’s. Would I have experienced those treasured memories if I had a cell phone and computer? NO!

    Technology has brought people together because of cell phones and computers. I have Facebook friends that I’ve never met, but we have a connection like kinship. When I learned of Nextdoor, I was elated that such a tool was there at my finger tips. Honestly, the post I always look for is Neil’s! There have been posts that make me re-think my perception of something. Some inspire and some teach to the point of helping me be a more thoughtful person! I think most folks know where my passion lies. Even at age 70, this lady doesn’t ever want to stop learning, growing, reforming and that will be done with the availability of technology!

    Parents, don’t forget to shut off the phone and take your children on a nature walk or go camping! My oldest grandson told me last year, that he loved those times I took him wild berry picking and we looked for turkey feathers under their roosting tree, or we would plant flower seeds in window boxes. He misses those times, but he does have the memories!

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    1. It was funny because as I began to read your amazing story about the lake, I was thinking that you should be writing a book about all of this. Your way of painting a picture with words is amazing. The memories you share with all of us sound like a dream come true. I love the sounds of loon and wish we had some here. I certainly love reading your comments and admire how you have put technology to work in an effort to recover lost animals. It is my hope that we run into each other at a neighborhood function.

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