What does this phrase mean? It is one of the most powerful mantras you can ponder,  which is your homework for the weekend.
What do I mean by all of this? Let my explain by way of a personal story.  In 2001 i took a course on copywriting from American writers and artists Institute. It was a great course and helped me learn how to write persuasive copy. I took that course because my day job at the post office had become unbearable. Well, a change in location, the job was a bit easier and the copywriting? I never did a thing with it. Why? Two reasons. One, i became more comfortable in my day job and two, I was afraid to start something new and go through the period of looking foolish and being new. Nobody likes that right? Fast forward 14 years. The post office is now claiming i am making up the fact I have asthma and the shoulder I dislocated? Yeah I should be back to work the next day or I would be written up.
So naturally I started kicking myself saying “if only I would have stuck with copywriting and even done it in the side”  then I would have been past the foolish stage and had more control over my situation. If only I would’ve planted that tree 20 years ago, or in this case 14. That is where a lot of people may stop. The may become resigned to their fate.  If you read yesterday’s post i think you will know that’s not me. No, I’m taking charge of me. The second best time to plant a tree? NOW! So I contacted the school and am going through a refresher. I am more determined than last time and will succeed!
So how about you? Is there a tree you should’ve planted 20 years ago? Go out and start digging today! You might not get to see it grow as tall, but it will never start growing until you plant it!

3 thoughts on “WHEN TO PLANT A TREE

  1. hey great post!
    What motivates me is that feeling of disappointment when you look back and think “if I had worked on this consistently over time – I would have something built by now.”
    That feeling sucks. I try to avoid it by planting seeds in different areas of life and bit by bit watch them grow into something meaningful.

    Just start building something today – the You a year from now will be grateful for it.

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