Here is a great lessons i learned in the art of humility. A few posts ago I wrote about a time in my life when my job was cut to nothing, i was living in a bad part of town, my girl just left me and my life resembled a bad country song. After living in that mood for a while I needed to get out. My mother and I helped every month at a meal program for the homeless once a month and that always tended to help me put things in perspective and realize all i had to be grateful for. So even though it wasn’t the day I normally helped I decided to go down and see if I could. Normally I served food when I went down there(more about that next post)  but this day all they need was help washing dishes.  That was one of the first jobs I ever held so I thought “i got this” and stumbled into the kitchen. The gentleman running the dishwasher was named donny i believe. He was in his late 40’s and looked like he had lived a rough life. Here is where I want you to stop and think. What would your opinion of a Middle-aged man whose only job was washing dishes at a homeless shelter be? Not to smart? Maybe not to driven? Not educated? I can honestly say I didn’t have time to take stock and think of that, but I imagine if I did that may have been the thoughts.
So I started to load the dishwasher in what seemed to be a sensible way and this man came over in a hurry to explain to me the “right way” to load it. When he explained by placing certain dishes certain ways the water jets cleaned better it really made sense.  He also made sure all of us rinsed the dishes thoroughly so they would come out clean. Why? So his “customers” would have the best dining experience they could. He told me this might be the only meal these folks are and he was going to make damn sure it was a good one.
The take away in all of this? He was one of the most driven, caring and knowledgeable men in that room. Also, i learned every job has an art and a skill to it. Just because some jobs may seem to be on the lower end of the social scale let me assure you they are very important and there is an art to doing them great. More on what I took away from this experience in tomorrow’s post.

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