Let me share with you a personal story. People often ask me “Neil how did you get so motivated” “Neil how do you look at life in such a positive way” well it wasn’t always that way and I learned a lot of hard lessons along the road. Here is a story about one of them.
If you follow my blog or YouTube videos you know there was a point in time when I faced some serious challenges. My job at the post office had went from 45-50 hours a week to 10 due to downsizing. The lady in my life had walked out because of the person I was at the time. So there i sat, no money, no person to share life with and nobody to blame but myself. So I sulked and bitched for several weeks. Something i no longer do. Then I looked in the mirror and realized something. I was to blame. Sure the post office was downsizing, but I should have been better prepared. Yes my lady left, but I was not a great man to be with at the time. It all boiled down to me not taking responsibility for my own life.
A lot of people will begin to point fingers as soon as things in their life begin to fall apart, but the truth is that only gives control to outside circumstances. The only one that owes you anything is you. So every morning look in the mirror and ask yourself are you giving your best? Are you giving 120%? If not, you owe you an explanation. You need to take responsibility for you.
The result of me doing that? In short, you’re reading it. I began to pursue outside self-employment,  I began to work on myself. How did taking responsibility for my own life work out?  I am set to leave the post office by the end of 2017, my relationship was too late to save, but I have improved myself to a point that I attracted a beautiful and amazing woman I can treat right and be the man she needs. All this because i took charge of me. So I urge you to take a look in the mirror and realize that you owe you!

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