Here is a picture of a leaf I saw while walking on a trail with my mother the other day. I took the picture because to me it looked like a heart and I was thinking of the love of my life who was working hard at home at the time.

This may sound a bit over the top for some of you, and that’s ok. My point here is you find and attract in the universe what you look for. In this case my mind was focused on the beautiful lady I love and so I happened to notice this leaf. There were other examples of love all around me. There were ducks in the stream and birds in the tree loving each other. The plants rising up to love the sun and soak up the rain that was falling.

There were also signs of other things around us that night. Signs of the plants struggling against the weeds, the shore struggling against the forces of erosion and many other signs of struggle. There were signs of death everywhere too. Insects killing and eating each other, birds killing the insects, even a worm that feel victim to a bicycle tire.

The funny thing is we either did not notice these signs or dismissed them as quickly as we noticed them. Instead we were lost on how the rain brought out all of the fragrant smells of nature. How it was quiet and you could hear the sounds of nature. The songs of the different birds, the leaves blowing in the wind, even the creek as it made its way along next to us.

This may sound like we were wearing rose-colored glasses and to some point that would be correct. Why were we not upset that it was raining? Why did we not feel very sad about all the animals that were falling victim to others or in the case of the worm a bike tire? Simple, we were on a different vibration focused on enjoying ourselves and finding things to be happy about.

Some may say this is foolish and didn’t change the reality of any of the bad things. In regard to the second part they would be right. The only thing our perception and attitude changed was how we felt. Which, in essence, is how we define our lives. What is wrong is always available, but so is what is right. What we choose to focus on is what we feel.

This week look for things around you that make you feel joy, happiness and love. As for me, I am already planning another walk in nature with my mom!

4 thoughts on “FIND IT EVERYWHERE!

  1. It wasn’t until I was homeless that I actually took the time to look at things and appreciate them. Honestly, I think of that particular misfortune as a wake up call. I appreciate things more now than I did. I actually take time to see things that are beautiful, even when other people think they’re ugly. This is much needed in today’s world and a man like you writing it makes it better. You, sir, are my literary hero. I’m happy to call you friend. 🙂

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  2. I thought the same thing when seeing that leaf. That tells me that love fills you, not discord. Nature is full of love, but not in the literal sense. It is full of life support for all that are in it. The insect feeds the bird; the bird feeds the snake; the snake feeds the raccoon and on an on. Nature is survival of the fittest and that is how God created life to be, with man being the final fittest.

    When you see beauty in everything, your optimism allows you to see that love in just a simple leaf. Yet a segment of the population only sees the beauty of material wealth. Sad, but very true. I’ve never wanted a mansion, the most expensive car, a closet full of the latest fashion or the money to do anything a heart could desire. All I ever wanted was enough! Even as I graduated from high school, I didn’t want to go to college. I just wanted to get married, have children, a house with a fence, a garden, and a home full of love. Just enough to see the beauty around me and live happily ever after.

    Things happen to break up that beauty and death broke that happily ever after life. After months of grief, the beauty comes back with the help of children, family and friends. The flowers will again give off their lovely scent. The raspberry patch is full of ripe berries for jam. Then you walk in the woods with your dog and you see a doe and her fawn feeding, but scamper off with your presence. A hawk squawks as it dives for a mouse and the sapling of a new tree is almost squashed by your step, but you see it just in time. The leaves are not heart shaped by true to the form of a maple. It will take years to mature, but I wouldn’t even be able to find it now. I just know that nature lives on, full of love for all.

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