It took me a while to truly grasp the power of this quote. The candle represents sources of light in the world. It could be good-looking and charming authors who double as postal workers, social workers, emergency workers, great parents and teachers, religious and spiritual leaders or anyone else who inspires us or makes the world a better place. In some ways I think we are all candles, or at least have the ability to be so. In being the best at whatever we do we set an example for the world to follow. Even the shyest and most reserved of us have opportunities to be kind to others.

The mirror represents those who promote those who are candles. This can range from sharing a motivational website that inspires you with others, to showing appreciation to wonderful people who make a difference in your life. Did a teacher or coach push you to be the best you can be? By telling others that story you bring to light how special they are. This holds true for talking good about anyone. Did your spouse do something thoughtful for you? By sharing the joy they gave to you it brings more light and positivity to the world. This is a double-edged sword. Imagine what we do when we complain and share with others the terrible things people do?

I find by both being a candle to inspire others as well as a mirror to reflect the flame of the fabulous people I come across is the way that I can bring the most light into the world. Starting today, do your best to not only be an inspiration to others, but to recognize and help share those that inspire you as well.


  1. Yes Neil, you are both! Took me until this afternoon to get it! LOL Really, you are!

    My husband and I are both candles for our grandsons. The oldest needs the light more than the younger grandson. The younger grandson is carefree, loves school, loves his friends and his hobbies. Although our oldest has several of the same health problems, he has trouble coping with the permanence of them. When he was 6 and under, I never had trouble getting him to talk. He is now nearing his 16th birthday and I see him slipping more and more into himself. While he does have just a couple good friends, I think that facing a life of constant medicine and doctors has left him depressed. He hates school except for wood shop. Many times we can bring him out of the dark and into the light and hopefully with nicer weather we can engage him more in fishing, which he loves. At times I’ll go to his room and start to tell him some jokes or a story, and he’ll say, “thanks Gram, but I just don’t feel like listening today.” The first time he said it I was really taken back. I didn’t know what to say, except, “I love you.” I worry about him everyday!


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