Further proof you can find inspiration anywhere; here is a sign I saw in the men’s room while on a date with my beautiful Margie. Yes, I am always on the lookout for something beneficial I can share with all of you. Don’t worry, I did wash my hands.

In today’s world it can seem like there is a new tragedy everyday. We read about war, we see news coverages of mass shootings and rising crime. Here in the United States, we are having an election. That is a time when lots of people try to convince you how terrible the world is, and who is to blame. Here is a news flash for all of us – There is a lot of good and beauty in the world. It doesn’t get a lot of press. It doesn’t sell.

Here is another wonderful fact. Our world is not out of our control. There are very powerful forces that would like you to believe that, but it simply is not so. Sure, there are variables that can provide the unexpected challenge, but even our reaction to those are up to us. There is also a great deal we can do to positively influence the world around us. This sign is a great example. It is a simple and universal message that would leave to a better world. What other signs can you think of that would do the same? I encourage you to spend some time thinking of some. Here is another powerful idea – put these signs up where you can. The more messages of inspiration and motivation we put out there, the more we can change the negative narrative we are being fed. What would your sign say? Where would you put it?

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