Years ago I used to ponder why the world was as it is. Why, if there is a supreme being, is the world filled with hate, jealousy, racism and the like? Why did I find a lot of those things in my life as well? It was on one of my darkest days in which I finally received the answer. I wasn’t sitting on a park bench like the man in the picture above. I was in a library trying to find a book that would give me some advice on turning my life around. Some books were way to metaphysical for me at the time. Some were very complex and involved psychological phrases you would need a degree to decipher. While getting frustrated at the lack of a book for the average Joe to turn their life around, a voice in my head spoke to me. “If you can’t find one, write one.” From that day forward I have continued to find tools to help the average individual live a more positive and rewarding life.

What led me to this dark and dreary day in the life of Neil was a lot of circumstances. Professional, personal and my surroundings. By surroundings I mean things such as some of the music I was hearing, shows on television I saw, what I read in the newspaper and what I witnessed people doing to each other around me. Again, I began to wonder how the spiritual powers that be would allow such things.

The answer to that question was very similar to the first question I asked, except this one was a riddle of sorts. (yes, even my own head doesn’t always give me a straight answer) “How do you change a dark room?” This may sound foolish until you look at it in the terms of the world as a whole. If you want to lighten up a dark room you do not work on ‘removing the darkness’ you simply add light. If your glass is half-full you do not try to remove the air you just add more water, or rum, or iced coffee, but I digress. If we all remained focused on removing the negativity from the world we would create a vacuum that could very well be filled with…well…more negative things. The only way to decrease the negativity in the world is to add more positivity and love.

Another shocking revelation is that either one of these situations, love or hate, mankind does to itself. We make the choices. If we sit back and do nothing to counter the troubles we see in the world we are allowing it to happen. If you see someone hungry give them food. If you still watch the news and hear about some group being discriminated against, do something to make someone feel more loved and accepted. As the saying goes, “God helps them who helps themselves.” This is not just true for one person, but for all of us everywhere and the world as a whole.


  1. Neil, Christians know what the answer is that the man asked Jesus, but Jesus wouldn’t have responded in that manner. Evil rules the world Neil and all of us have to fight the demons that are continually trying to get in our heads and actions. Many times they do, because we are born sinners and we can have times of weakness, anger, depression and doubt. None of us are pure and without sin. Only with full immersion in water and the faith and belief that Jesus Christ is our personal Lord and Savior, can we be saved. Yet, daily I know I sin and daily I need to pray and ask for forgiveness!

    Some might say that the Jews don’t believe in Jesus, but there are huge numbers of Messaiac Jews that have come to believe that Jesus is Lord, while Orthodox Jews believe He is just a Prophet. Still, God has said the the Jews are His chosen people. The Tribulation will bring all into perspective.

    I was doing Prophetic reading about the Nephilim a few weeks ago and within 30 minutes, I received a message from a FB friend. She said she got it from a friend and apparently it was going around social media, but she knew it was meant for me because we do Prophetic Bible Study. The message asked: Did I know of the fight outside my door last night, as the demons were trying to get in? I was not to worry, as Jesus sh………. them and told them he was protecting me as I slept. I wept!

    God never said that He helps those that help themselves, but it’s a great catch all phrase for lifting one up spiritually. Whether you believe or not, Bible Prophetic ministries explain the Bible so clearly. It would do good to many folks who doubt the truth and the light! I don’t hide my Christianity and I won’t hide anymore either, Neil.

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    1. While I agree with almost everything you said, but I think Jesus may have said something similar, albeit in a different vernacular. I think it is referencing the free will God gave man. At least that’s the way I took it. In regards to God helping them won helps themselves, I think it means if you put everything on God but do but don’t do your part things may not happen. I wanted a more positive world where people treat each other with love and respect. In my frustration I heard God pretty much ask me, “and you are going to help me how?”

      It is like if you are a wonderful caring woman who prayed we lived in a world where all animals had a home, I think God would appreciate, as would all of us, if you shared lost and missing animals on social media 😉

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  2. That is for sure Neil! You are right, he gave us free will because of Adam and Eve’s sin. Satan’s temptation still rules unbeliever’s and it is up to us to fight evil and sin and follow the Covenant that Moses brought down from Mount Siani. Just being a “good person” does not save anyone. We can only be saved by putting our faith in Jesus, the Son of God. We must believe that He loves us. We must believe that He is ready to forgive us even though we don’t deserve it. You can see how Bible study leads to more questions the deeper you get.

    How I’d love every pet to have a home! God knows my heart, but the unbeliever’s prevent that happening because of over breeding. It’s a vicious cycle that will not happen until the last half of the Tribulation!

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