Did you ever stop to think about the decisions you make, or do not make and how they affect your life? What may seem small or insignificant at the time, can make all of the difference. I equate it to hitting a golf ball. If you change the approach by just a few millimeters and hit the ball over the length of the ball’s flight it will make a profound difference.

When we are faced with a decision to let someone walk away, or whether to be honest with our feelings or keep them inside, I say go for it and do so freaky fast. As we look back on our lives it is the things that we did not do that we regret far more than the mistakes we made. Sometimes by failing to act you could deny yourself the greatest opportunity. If you wait to tell that special someone how amazing they are and how much you feel for them, you may never have the chance. Even if the moment may have passed, telling someone what a beautiful soul they are can do a lot of good.

There are two caveats when it comes to this. First, if you have an urge to tell someone something in anger that is a moment you may wish to pause and reconsider. When we are angry we do not often word things in the most constructive language. For years I struggled with this myself, but by forcing myself to wait and approach the matter when emotions have not taken over has led to a lot healthier and productive resolutions.

The other thing I ponder is this, sometimes I feel the universe has other reasons for what happens. Maybe you didn’t get that promotion because you were to receive a better offer later? Maybe as amazing as dating that person sounds you need them in your life in another capacity? These don’t always feel well at the moment. After all, who wouldn’t want to date someone they think could make their life magic, or earn more money in a more rewarding position? This is where faith comes into play. We must learn to trust the process and be grateful for our life the way it is now. Plus, we never know what the future holds.


  1. You hit the nail on the head for me! I can’t give myself a few extra breaths and wait to react. Yes, it gets me in trouble, but if I haven’t learned by now at 70, I doubt I will.

    Why do my emotions get the better of me? I’m sure as a small child I was loved. Yet all I remember from about 10 on, is home without love. My parents must have loved me or why did they have me and my siblings in the first place? During an argument with my mother when I was a teen, I screamed that at my mother. Why did you have kids if you don’t like them? She told me it was what a married couple was supposed to do! I’ll never forget the sadness I felt. I knew then, that when I got married, it would be with love that we had children. We would have a house and a fence and a garden and a dog and cat. The house would be surrounded by trees and flowers and a vegetable and fruits. There would be a bird bath and seed feeder and friendly neighbors.

    I just wanted family and friends to love. I didn’t want to exist because I was just supposed to!

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