This is me. Not a very glamorous photo I know. Today at the gym I noticed my heart rate was a tad high. Ok maybe more than a tad, around 220. I felt fine but by the advice of my young lady I called the doctor and was told to go to the hospital.

After several tests and despite assuring the doctors i was able to walk, having to use a bed pan for the first time. Eventually the verdict was I have a bad heart valve, enlarged aorta and a-fib.

In fact, below is a picture the doctor drew of my heart

Not quite what you hope for. While contemplating everything this means for my life, a few things occurred to me. First, I am so grateful to have my beautiful Margie and so many friends and family that care about me.

Second, and the message of this post is how urgent it is to get my message out to the world. My desire to help and inspire as many people as possible has never been stronger.

I’ll keep everyone updated on my condition, but know I’ll be working harder than ever to share as much knowledge with all of you. Again, my heartfelt gratitude to all of you who sent me well-wishes. Be kind to yourselves and each other.

4 thoughts on “WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT?

  1. I am Praying for you. I can see you are a True Warrior of what you write by staying positive, and not concentrating on the negative. You are Truly an Inspiration, and I Pray in Jesus Christ that Our Heavenly Father Heals you completely through His Holy Spirit, Amen

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  2. Neil, I understand what you are going through, in some respects. When I went into A Fib, I also had a heart attack. After the EMT’s in WA stabilized me, (they are awesome), they transported me to St Francis where my doctor is. I felt so good by the next day, I was walking around and even going out for smoking breaks! Can you imagine what a stupid thing that was??? Several days later they did the Cardiac catheterization. I had three arteries blocked nearly completely, so I was not a candidate for angioplasty. I had the heart attack in the end of September, the triple bypass on Veteran’s day 11-11-2013 and was ready for Thanksgiving dinner the same year. Now is the time Neil, you need to wrap your positive energy around yourself.

    I’ve been concentrating so much on Lost Cats and Dogs of Wisconsin, that I haven’t always gotten to your posts. I have some catching up to do, but while your doctors are planning the best way to treat you and begin your healing, I’ll be reading and sending all the positive energy I can muster and it will all be going to you! You have done a lot for me Neil. You have made me think of things I should do better and ways to make amends for any wrongs I have done. I see folks differently because of you. Understanding that everyone is different but we are all the still the same. We are humans with love and sorrows, good days and bad, happy and sad, but we should all have consideration for others!

    Dear Lord, please put your loving arms around Neil Panoisan. Fill him with the Holy Spirit and guide the hands and medical minds that will bring Neil back to health. Jesus, in Your Name, ease the mind of Margie, that she may be strong for Neil. Thank you Jesus, for Your healing spirit. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


  3. You got this Neil! Lots of prayers, hugs and blessings. It hasn’t been that long since I finished radiation and I’m not a 100%, but we are too stubborn to let I’ll ess get in the way. Just be good to yourself!

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