I’m here to talk to you about a dear old friend we share.  Our friend moe. Not this moe who happens to be the leader of the comedy group the 3 stooges. No I’m talking about a different moe, one who can and does have a great impact on our lives. This moe was brought to my attention in a conversation with my good friend Bret.

So who is this friend? This friend’s name is motivation. Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to get motivated some days? Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get things done when you are ‘on a roll’? Even if you experience challenges you seem to just find your way through our around them. 

Here is some great news, you can to a large extent control your motivation.  In fact, if you are not you may find yourself fall victim to our friend moe. Yes it’s true motivation can be negative. It can seem to turn against you.  Perhaps you may have heard this in sports.  The talk about teams losing motivation, or that the motivation has switched teams.

So how can we not only get motivated,  but stay motivated? Again more fabulous news.  In this day of modern technology it is all around us.  Viewing motivational videos on YouTube is something I do daily.  You can download or purchase these for your mp3 player as well. There are books on motivation as well.  Don’t have time? They are even on audio book as well.

Still the best motivation doesn’t come from outside it comes from inside. How can we develop inner motivation? Some people refer to it as ‘drive’. Here are some quick ways to develop yours. First, learn your why.  Knowing what has to be done is only part of the job. Knowing why you need to do it gives you motivation.  Be it ‘negative’ motivation such as if I don’t get my job done at work my boss may fire me, or ‘positive’ motivation such as if I surprise my wife by doing the dishes she will be happy and more loving. Knowing why gets you moving. Second, find a reward for you in it.  It’s great if you can get that externally such as my wife will give me more affection if I help her. More often than not, however the reward misty come from within.  Whether it be the feeling of accomplishment you get, or something more tangible such as “I’ll treat myself to ice cream if I can make it to the gym 3 days this week”. Then you also meet moe’s friend discipline.

So put our old friend moe to work for you! Feel free to tell anyone you like about your old friend by sharing this post. Also feel free to share your secrets to getting and staying motivated in the comments below.

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