Here is a great secret to an amazing life,  enjoy it, all of it. Easier said than done right? What about a dentist appointment? What about a trip to the doctor? What about work Monday morning? I do understand that some things are easier than others, but there are a few simple things that we can all do to turn even a challenging experience into a fairly good one.

First of all, spend time with good people. Have you ever have had a great moment ruined by spending it with somebody who was not all that fun? I am sure we all have. I once was on vacation with a gentleman who found the thorn in every rose. We were at a tropical resort and he complained the food was not the right temperature or wasn’t seasoned right. Never mind it was all-inclusive and we could have whatever we wanted. He even complained when our taxi was 10 minutes late to go on a shopping trip. He made the vacation more stressful and less fun than had he stayed at home. On the opposite side of the spectrum my lady and I stayed in a hotel where we found the toilet didn’t work. We let the desk clerk know before we left for work. When we returned not only was it not fixed, they left us a plunger in case we wanted to give it a go ourselves. I ventured down to the front desk to express my discontent only to find a desk clerk who was in his mid 80’s and moved at a speed slightly faster than the speed at which grass grows in the winter. We left right away for the room and an hour later when he arrived he looked at the plunger and asked me “Have you tried this?”. I watched as this man who barely moved attempted to plunge our toilet. After what seemed to be something slightly less than eternity I inquired if they just had another room we may have. He said he wasn’t quite sure and didn’t know how to look up such things on those “New fangled computers”. Sensing there was not much we could do at this hour I thanked him and sent him back to his desk which hopefully he made before the sun came up. Do you know what happened the rest of the night? My lady and I talked, drank wine, watched movies and broke into moments of hysteria when we mentioned the man  or the toilet. Still do to this day. As for the bathroom, we ended up having to use the one in the hotel lobby. The point is even the worst situation can be made fun with the right person.

The second thing we can do if we happen to be all alone, or stuck with the first type of person I mentioned is what I mentioned at the end of the last story. Which is that very thing, know we are at least going to get a good story out of it. Then ask yourself, what is funny/good about this? In the beginning this may be a challenge, but after a while you will be amazed at the lemonade you can make with the lemons life hands you. Good luck and feel free to share this post and your stories below.

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