I want to share with you my Monday. Why? you might add. Several reasons. One,  I wish you give you a peak into the life of Neil Panosian. It started early. I returned home about 3am Monday morning from DJing a show with my beautiful lady. Unloading the DJ equipment and such. After getting ready for bed I was probably asleep at around 4am. I was up again at 7:30 to prepare for an amazing podcast interview with a very insightful gentleman. That will be airing later this month I believe. I will keep you posted as details are forthcoming. Following that interview which was a lot of fun and seemed to fly by, I spent some moments of great conversation with my lady on how it went. I had physical therapy for my dislocated shoulder scheduled at 10:30 am. A quick shower and I was off to purchase a gift we were getting for some good friends of ours. Then it was back home to get ready for attending a wedding for a wonderful couple who graciously asked me to speak at. Rehearsing the speech all the way there, there was little time to think of much else. We enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and witness the love of a brand new couple. My speech went well and I do believe they enjoyed it. After which my lady and I enjoyed a quick lunch. Then it was back home to change and get ready for my bartending job that evening. After which time I was home around 3am again. This night I also had the joy of reading to my lady and we both fell asleep in about an hour.

Now you might be thinking “Neil I am just tired reading about that”. Trust me in reflection I am a little exhausted myself. Here is the wonderful thing about it, never during the day was I. Another great thing is this, the whole day I was in contact with amazing people. Phil, who did the interview is a man of great charisma, which you will see, and a passion for bringing great information to people. The couple who shared their special day with us was so loving and a great example of people who should be sharing their lives together. Their family and friends were most welcoming. At night the friends I had the pleasure of serving at the bar were wonderful. We even had the privilege of helping one of the people performing on taking her career in singing to the next level. She is a great soul and deserves all the good that is coming to her.

Through it all was my little lady. After the interview encouraging me and giving me her feedback. Staying by my side as I was nervous to give my speech. Showing all that were at the wedding our love and what a wonderful woman I have. Being a great DJ while I was behind the bar serving drinks. Lastly, allowing me to share the pleasure of a good book, all be it for a little while before she fell asleep.

Here is the point. In all I did, I gained so much. I was able to meet with and share information with an amazing man. I was able to bring some additional joy to a loving couple on their special day. I met great new people and hopefully future friends. I was able to assist in helping a great friend and kind soul pursue her singing dream. I was also able to share a loving and bonding moment with the beautiful lady in my life. I may or may not have sold any more copies of my book A Happy Life for Busy People but I added so much abundance to my life I feel a lot richer for it. When you live your dreams life always pays you well. I invite any and all of you to give your feedback and share this post in anyway you wish.


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