If you saw your friend putting all of his money in this machine, what would you do? You watch him take dollars out of his pocket and feed the machine, press a button and then get frustrated when nothing happens. Would you stop him? Would you point out how putting hard-earned money into a machine that is “out of order” is not only a waste, but a rather stupid course of action?

If you are a good friend I hope you would. Would you put your money in that machine? I’m guessing you are thinking to yourself, “no way! I work way too hard for my money to do something so stupid!” You would be right to think so.

What about your time, emotional and mental health? How many people, places and things do we keep investing our time, money and physical, mental and emotional health in even though they are “out of order”? It may not be so obvious because they don’t have a sign on them, but we know they are there. You keep lending money to that friend who can never hold down a job. You keep listening to your friend that just spreads negativity and gossip. You continue to go to that job that is sucking the joy out of your soul.

Think of your life and how many out of order machines you are feeding. The scary part is that it is not money you are losing. Although, that can be part of it as in the case of our friend who can’t hold down the job. No, you are losing something far more precious. You are losing time. You are putting part of your life in an “out of order life vending macine”! Stop doing that. Think of your life and what things might be wasting your time and energy.

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