I am about to go through some intense personal issue. More about that in tomorrow’s post. To help my thinking through this challenge, and to help those who may share the same challenge behind me, I am writing a book about the entire journey. While doing so, I recalled something that got me through some of the toughest periods of my life. It wasn’t so much one thing as several things that could be included under one major activity. That one activity that helped me more than anything was working on improving myself.

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that the world can be turned upside down in a second. It can also do so with little or no warning. Take having to quarantine. Early in March of 2020, Margie and I had to spend 14 days locked in our house together. At that point, they knew little of the pandemic that was to sweep the nation and the world. It was fortunate for us that we had worked on our relationship non-stop up to that point. In doing so, we were able to enjoy the time we spent together and it felt like one big sleep over. In fact, we were a little sad to have it end and have me return back to work.

The sad part of the story is that many couples were not this lucky. I personally know of a few that ended up splitting up after being forced to spend more time in close physical space together than they were used to. These couples never spent the effort to continue to work on their relationship and help it to grow and evolve. Things such as working on healthy communication, conflict resolution and just really listening to your partner can come in handy in situations like this.

The same can be said for a health challenge. If you are faced with a needed procedure or surgery, it is a little late to worry about whipping yourself into shape. When the doctor tells you that your arteries are blocked and you need emergency surgery, it is a little late to think about eating more oatmeal and less burgers. There is a quote that says “It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have one and not be prepared.” The same is true with a challenge. That is why I encourage you all to work on improving yourself and your life today. Find fun and enjoyable ways to become the best version of yourself. Even if your world doesn’t turn upside down, you will still be better prepared for any opportunity that comes your way.

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