Today is one of my favorite days of the year, the first day of Spring. Although in the fine state of Wisconsin spring weather is often still a month or so away, it is a sign of hope, rebirth and renewal. With the advent of Spring there are flowers blooming, the trees regain their leaves and there is a feeling of the world coming alive.

It is with this feeling and thought in mind I would like to turn our thoughts inward. As we bask in the bliss that is the coming of Spring, what in our own life could use some rebirth and renewal? Is it our sense of inner peace that could use some refreshing? Perhaps our fitness? Our sense of spirituality? There are lots of people who engage in spring cleaning in their homes, but perhaps some spring cleaning in our lives could help as well. It is a time to recommit to some of the things that are important to us. Lacking inner peace? Maybe renew your meditation practice. Need a brush up on fitness? It is a perfect time to get out and witness the rebirth of nature by going for a walk in a park.

The other thing Spring gives us is birth. It is time to plant the seeds of a garden. Animals often give birth to their young in the early parts of spring to give them the best chance of survival. Again, let is keep this in mind and look inward. What seeds would we like to plant in our life? If it is inner peace, subscribe to a YouTube channel on meditation or join a yoga studio. Want to foster your creative side? Maybe look for painting classes in your area. Want to be more fit? Pick a walking partner and set up dates on which you can depend to meet and go for walks. You will strengthen not only your body, but your friendship as well.

As the planet begins its renewal, let us join mother earth in doing the same. Feel free to share your ideas for what you plan to do this Spring in the comments below.

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