Our time here is finite, our influence does not have to be – Neil Panosian

Ah to be immortal. To live on forever. This has been the goal of countless civilizations. Some individuals claim to have conquered this feat, such as Count Saint Germaine. Science has pushed us ever closer to unlocking the keys to extending life longer than we dare dream. Theologians of every belief speak of the souls eternal wanderings.

You do not have to be a famous alchemist to conjure up a spell to preserve youth. Nor do you have to rely on some miracle of modern science or medicine to unlock the secrets of the human genome. You do not need to have faith or belief in eternal life to become immortal.

Immortality can be accomplished in one word – legacy. What will you leave behind. One of the great truths in life that many never realize is this – what you get in life dies with you, but what you give will live on long after you are gone.

My grandfather was an amazing man. He taught and inspired many great ideas in me. Some were passing comments that only now am I appreciating the full value of. He continues to teach me years after his physical passing.

I’m sure all of us have someone like that in our lives. They have left us with lessons that keep them alive in our lives and hearts.

I also recall some of the great givers in history. Andrew Carnegie, who gave us the modern library system allowing even the poorest to educate themselves and bring to light their own gifts.

The poet Rumi, whose words bring both contemplation and inspiration. His words can be found daily on the internet even though he has been dead for hundreds of years, his words live on today.

Mother Teresa whose acts of selfless kindness have not only touched the lives of all those she helped, but who have inspired and gave hope to those in need. She also set a great example of what compassion in the modern world can do.

If you wish to be immortal, begin to ask yourself today, what is my legacy? Am I focusing more on what I am getting, or more on what I will leave behind? If you wish to be immortal, write a book, compose a beautiful piece of music. Inspire others with your gifts of kindness, love and laughter.

Most importantly, remember what we get dies with us, but what we give lives in forever. Think of someone you know that will be, or is, immortal. Feel free to mention them in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “BECOME IMMORTAL

  1. Good point of leaving Legacy. I do however know I will have eternal life, because Jesus who is God and became man to redeem those who believe in HIM. His Legacy started from the beginning of time, and was mentioned before HE was born many times in the old Testament. The new Testament has HIS words that live on each heart that confesses and believes in Jesus as God~Redeemer. My only Legacy is to Love Almighty Father through Jesus and Holy Spirit

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    1. That is great Julie. My only point was in this article that is not what I was referring to. Not physical or spiritual immortality. I commend you on your strong faith


  2. Whenever I go to the cemetery to plant flowers or to the cemetery in Michigan to visit my grandparents and great grandparents final resting place, I think of all the forever memories they have all left me. Conversations and experiences that will live forever in my heart and mind. Many of these, I have passed on to my daughter and grandchildren, while adding our special conversations, and experiences that I know they will forever remember! When my mother died unexpectedly, about a year later my father asked me what I really wanted when he passed. I told him that all I want is mother’s paintings and the family papers that dad always saved. I have their birth certificates, dad’s enlistment papers and his discharge papers, their wedding certificate and the Bible dad had during the service. These items were so very important to pass from generation to generation. While I am the picture queen, my daughter will have many memories and pictures that go with them. When I was talking with her one day, I told her that the only thing I feared about death, was being forgotten. When you give people the gift of “you”, that will never happen!

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