Today is a day we focus on freedom and for good reason. Respecting the men and women who gave their lives in the line of duty deserves, in my opinion, more than just a day. There are quite a few great things to read in that regard. I not only encourage you to do so, but take time to thank and respect all of the veterans today.

This blog, however, is about a more personal freedom. One that is enjoyed by every human on the planet whether they live in a free country or not. That is the freedom of our thoughts. What we choose to focus on, what questions we ask and what we choose to believe. Those are all up to us. Sure, depending on where we live we might not be able to express these thoughts, but know that we do not have to leave them up to outside circumstances.

What happens to us is not always our choice. How we view life, and what we do with it is entirely our choice. Let us not waste this freedom. Let us use the freedom of our minds to create a better world for ourselves and all of those we share our lives with.

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