For most of us, despite our differences, would fit into these categories. Ironically, often we search until we can find something that makes a person different from us. It is almost as if saying, “That person is a lot like me.” Somehow diminishes either one of you. When we understand that we all share the same basic needs and wants, judgment and hatred become all but impossible.

If you are a person who loves others and does not want to harm them, and reading a blog like this it would be a safe assumption you are, then it would serve you well to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals. Does it really matter where on this planet they are from? By writing these posts I have met and befriended many other like-minded souls from over 100 different countries. They have brought not only a unique perspective, but a great deal of joy to my life. Does it really matter what color they are? I am blessed enough to have friends of every race. Not only does it include many great and loving people, but our pictures together are a lot more colorful. Politics? Ooh…that is a good one. Quite often we can almost be at each others throats because of different ways to address the same problem. Instead we should focus on the fact that we are both trying to solve the same problem. Maybe their solution takes into account something we overlooked? Maybe a combination of both solutions would work the best? We will never get to that point if we busy ourselves with such low level minutia such as what political party is the correct one.

Even my wonderful friend Nick who sent me this picture, and by doing so inspired this post, has different opinions than me on a wide array of different subjects. Do you know what? That is great to me. Often when we talk he will bring to my attention a way of looking at things I had not considered. Even on subjects where we just ‘agree to disagree’ we still have the same respect and admiration for each other. Not only is it ok with us that we are different in some regards, but it is quite cool that we are also the same in many ways. It is that similarity that prompted him to share the above picture with me and allowed me to share it with you.

Today, celebrate the fact we are all a little different, and when it comes down to the core of who we are, most of us are really the same. Both of those should be reasons to celebrate with your fellow humans.


Today is a day we focus on freedom and for good reason. Respecting the men and women who gave their lives in the line of duty deserves, in my opinion, more than just a day. There are quite a few great things to read in that regard. I not only encourage you to do so, but take time to thank and respect all of the veterans today.

This blog, however, is about a more personal freedom. One that is enjoyed by every human on the planet whether they live in a free country or not. That is the freedom of our thoughts. What we choose to focus on, what questions we ask and what we choose to believe. Those are all up to us. Sure, depending on where we live we might not be able to express these thoughts, but know that we do not have to leave them up to outside circumstances.

What happens to us is not always our choice. How we view life, and what we do with it is entirely our choice. Let us not waste this freedom. Let us use the freedom of our minds to create a better world for ourselves and all of those we share our lives with.