Here is something we can all do a little more. Everyone I know personally has something they feel less than confident about. Everyone I know wouldn’t mind hearing how wonderful they are and what is good about them. How about you? Does this hold true for people you know as well? How about yourself?

The other day I shared a blog post about the importance of being nice to negative people and how important that is. Interestingly a gentleman commented how this could only be true in a “fantasy land” and that the important thing to do was shine a light on their negative actions and even advocated getting a camera to “Catch them in the act”. He recited some hateful things toward certain faiths and said the only thing important in life is winning.

In no way am I judging this man’s opinion. In fact, because of what we hear in the media and our lead to believe through corporate propaganda I really understand why he might think this way. There is a shortage of light in the world so much so that darkness seems to be normal. To some this may be depressing, and certainly it is a sad state of affairs. To me, and hopefully to you as well, it is a great opportunity. People are so used to the dark and a win at all costs mentality that any positive and altruistic act will have a tremendous impact on them. Simply by being kind you can change someone’s world.

It is my sincerest desire that by the time I leave this earth perhaps we will be a little bit closer to light being the norm, but we have a long way to go. Does it depress me that the journey is so long? No, but what it does do is motivate me to start the journey now and work as much as I can to bring light and love to the world. Won’t you join me?

I invite you to share with all of our readers any ideas you have for bringing light to someone’s world and the world in general in the comments below. Feel free to share this post with those you know so that they may join us on the journey. Thank you in advance and I look forward to seeing you on the path.

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