Today I walked around the Wisconsin state fair park. It is the place we hold our…well..state fair. For those great souls that follow me on Brazil and other international locations a brief description may be helpful. This is a festival that runs for 11 days in the summer that includes food, music, shopping and fun of all kinds. Ever since I was a very young Man i have enjoyed the state fair immensely. I looked forward to those 11 days worth such excitement it borders on insanity. In 1996 i began a new job that allowed me to have all of that time off.  I decided if it makes me happy I’m going to enjoy all 11 days of it. Which I have done every year since. What is the point of my crazy festivals addiction Story? Shortly there after I began my self improvement journey and learned there was a way to increase my joy from the state fair. How could that be? What could be better than drinking rum and eating delicious fried food? Well, if they didn’t have fat and calories, but there is something even better!
There is something that is humans do that automatically increases our joys and helps limit our sorrows,  we share them with those we love. I learned sharing my joy and fun I have at the fair with my friends and family can be one of the most rewarding experiences i can have. This year I begin sharing it with the new love of my life who shares my love for this festival. Where she may not be as addicted as I am, she did something that has only increased our love and brought us closer. She is sharing it with me.
There is two points here. One, if there is something that brings you an intense amount of joy, share that joy with those you love. Especially those that may enjoy it as well. The second point is when you learn what brings those you love joy,share it with them. It will bring you closer and it will also make connections between them feeling insanely happy and being with you. I even went one step further and made her and I a part of this place, but that is for a future post. So today’s homework, let those you love know what brings you the most joy and discover what does the same for them and then share with each other!

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