Have you ever had one of those moments in life where your problems seem like a snowball rolling downhill? They keep getting bigger and bigger and coming at you faster and faster. What do you do then? Ask yourself what would you do if a large snowball was rolling downhill towards you? The way I see it, you have two real options. First, you could try to outrun the snowball. This would not be wise. Being perfectly round and using the speed of gravity, you would not be very likely to win this race. Not to mention, the longer you run away from the snowball, the larger it gets.

Your other option is to side step the raging ball of frozen water. Depending on the rate of speed of the arctic weapon, and your speed in dodging it, this could work. If, however, you wish to put an end to this nightmare, your best bet can seem rather counter-intuitive. That is to run towards the snowball. If you are going to get run over by it anyway, it is better to race and meet it when it is smaller. After the initial hit, you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be on your way.

Why on earth are we talking about running from giant snowballs? It could be because as I write this there is a lovely mix of freezing rain and snow coming down just outside my window. More than likely because it is an analogy for how we solve our problems. Some people seem to run from their problems. This, like in the snowball example, is not a good strategy. Just like the mass of snowflakes, our problems will only continue to get bigger and come at us faster. Eventually, they will catch up to us and run us over.

You could try the sidestep method. In some cases, this is a good strategy. If you happen to be in a social circle that is filled with drama and gossip, it could be good to step out of that circle. If your problem is that you have not paid your rent, moving will not solve that problem. Just like our snow example, it will catch you in very short order. You have to really look at the nature of your problems.

Much like the snowball example, I think the best way to face problems is to meet them head on. That way they will be slightly smaller and have not picked up any momentum. Sure, you will get some ‘snow’ on your face and it will not be comfortable, but then you can take the hit and move on. This way, your life will not be one filled with the stress of running from your problems!

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