This is one of my favorite quotes. Someone who is physically capable has no reason to at the very least return their shopping cart to the cart corral. I stand corrected. There is only one reason – laziness. If you are so inconsiderate to other shoppers and parkers, not to mention the store employees who have the job of collecting these carts, then perhaps you should try doing their job for a week. It also shows a pattern. If you are too lazy to return your shopping cart, what other corners are you cutting in your life? That is the thought behind the above quote.

A successful person is one who will do what is right and what should be done even when it may not be the easiest thing to do. They will not only think of just themselves, but of the others who could be impacted by there actions. Can you imagine how you would feel if your brand new car was dented and scratched by a shopping cart someone carelessly left in the parking lot? What if you had a sore back and had to park further away because all of the close spots were taken by random carts left by strangers. Maybe you might not even have a cart to use because they were spread throughout the parking lot? Careless actions like this also cause prices to rise. Stores must replace or repair carts that have been damaged or stolen. That price is often passed on to all consumers. Something I am guessing our lazy friend had not thought about.

This leads me to share an amazing story I witnessed the other day. I was picking Margie up from the local craft store as she was picking up supplies for her business while I was writing. As I got out of my car I saw a lady who was easily in her 80’s walking with a walker. Do you know what she was doing? Pushing both her walker and her cart up to the store to return it. My only regret is I did not arrive sooner to help her. She laboriously made her way back to her car with her walker. She had every excuse to leave her cart in the middle of the parking lot, but she didn’t. To me, that woman is a superhero.

Ask yourself next time you are tempted to do a job half way, “What does this say about my character?” Chances are if you are skipping things you deem unimportant, you are also cutting some corners in your life where it really matters. Remember character is built by the actions we take when nobody is watching.


  1. So true, All of this!…. I know I try and give my 25 cent cart away to those who might need it. (Aldi grocery stores) Guess what? When I am in need of a cart, someone ALWAYS gives me one! Sometimes, when I give mine away, I see “Happy Spring” or something positive. Or I say “pass it on” . People used to be shocked, but after doing this for about 5 years, others are consistently doing it also! I have even gotten my hubby to do this as I say we all need a helping hand! Anything positive like returning a cart or giving one away, I feel is like giving a helping hand to others!

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  2. If I didn’t know better Neil, I’d think you were talking about me! LOL Although I use a cane, I’ve had people thank me for putting my cart back. No need, as it’s the right thing to do. To those that continue to leave the cart in the roadway or curb, I would imagine they are the same folks that litter our fine city! If you put the cart back, you will burn some extra calories, just like if you bend and pick up a bag floating across the parking lot. Every little bit keeps our city neater and cleaner!

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