Let me start by letting you all in on a few secrets. First, I do not, nor have I ever run a 4-minute mile. After eating all of the delicious meals Margie makes, I would be lucky to run a 40-minute mile. Also this post is not about running, it is about the power of belief.

You may have heard how powerful your beliefs are. You may have even heard they have a large influence in your life. You may have even scoffed at these two ideas. I am here to take this one step further and tell you that your beliefs can not only influence your life, but influence the entire world! Sound a little crazy and far-fetched?  Let us look at the history of the 4-minute mile and I will let you decide for yourself.

Humans have existed on this planet for a very long time in some form for fashion. Depending on your belief the length varies, but at the very least it has been many thousands of years. In that time, prior to the above date in 1954, no human had ever run a 4-minute mile. In fact, until that date, it was believed (there is that word again) that is was physically impossible for a human to run that fast. We were told our heart would explode, lungs could not handle it and that the physical make-up would not allow it. After much pizza and rum that still holds true for me, but I digress.

Enter Roger Bannister, a British athlete set to compete in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki where he finished fourth in the 1500 meters. This strengthened his resolve to break the 4-minute mile which he did at Oxford on May 6th, 1954, running 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. He proved what many had said was impossible.

That is not the coolest part of the story. As we discussed the amount of people who ran that fast prior to that day in May were zero. Roger Bannister’s record, however, fell after only 46 days! Since then over 1000 people have raced at less than a 4-minute mile. How is this possible? Did human genetics suddenly change? Did the world suddenly get faster? How do we go from zero people doing it for thousands of years, to over a thousand in a little over 50? What changed?

The only thing that changed was the belief that it was possible. This was first done by Roger Bannister visualizing himself doing it so much that it became believable to him. After he accomplished it people everywhere now could believe it was possible for them as well. If this is true about an athletic accomplishment that has stood since the evolution of man, isn’t it true about your own life as well?  That business you want to start is not impossible. The weight loss you want to achieve, it is possible. You want to beat that addiction? It is possible! When others, or maybe even the person in the mirror, tell you something is impossible for you to do remember the story of the 4-minute mile.If you see me at the gym, forget all about a 4-minute mile.


  1. I’m sure I’ve told you before, but I’ve just not been one to be a goal setter. If I enjoy something, or want to especially do something, I just do what I have to do to get it done. I love planting flowers and veggies and do my best to keep them looking beautiful and healthy. I love making wreaths of silk flowers, greens and ribbons and making my own bows . A skimpy wreath will never do, as I like them to look full and lush.

    I’ve just not had that drive to to be the best at something. I do want to do the best I can with the knowledge and abilities I was born with., but I do lack the drive to be the “best.” There are so many people that have the goal setting philosophy, that I seem to lack. I guess I’m just happy with what I do and how to do it. Since I am mostly Norwegian, I do have many of the traditional Norwegian traits. I love simple food, grains, potatoes, rutabaga, fish and simple cookies. Put me in a remote log cabin on a lake, with a pier, a rowboat and surrounded by a forest and I’ll be happy feeding the deer and birds and chipmunks. I’d have to have several dogs and cats. I’d love a donkey and a small horse, but then I’d have to have a barn and someone to muck the stalls. If I’d win that darn lottery I’d be set!!! The cabin has to have a stone hearth like my maternal grandfather had and a library full of books, mostly non-fiction and with many on animals and plants. Before my first Acer in 1995, I wouldn’t have cared less about a computer. Now….don’t ever try to touch my computer! LOL!

    I have a FB friend that I’ve never met, but she is Norwegian too. We call each other Nordic Sisters. The “Vikings” is our favorite show, but I’ll sure say one thing, I wouldn’t have made a proper Viking at all back then! I can argue with words, but please, nothing physical! I’ve never even hit my husband!!! LOL

    We all need to remember, that we have to love ourselves before we have the capability to love anyone else. I do love who I am and while I’ve never accomplished anything great, but when my daughter tells me she had the most memorable and loving childhood, how much better does anyone have to be! I do have family that was famous. He was my uncle and the funny thing was, he never felt like anything special either. He just did what came natural, but he excelled at it. If you have the drive to keep pushing, go for it! If not, be happy with who you are!

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