This set of beliefs would be great for all of us to adopt. In today’s world with the internet, and modern transportation we are all brothers and sisters. What actions we take can affect others halfway across the globe.

In the same thought, what we do to the earth will affect not only us, but generations to come. The reason we should act as if we are all related is because, at the very core, we are all related. Our actions either heal or destroy. There is no action that does not have a consequence.

Today, more than ever we all touch each others lives. Let us all remember, we are all brothers and sisters.

One thought on “A SIMPLE BELIEF

  1. Amen Neil! That was absolutely beautiful! It so reminded me of what the Native American side of my husband’s family believes. There is the Great Creator above and the earth is for all, but do not take more than you need or destroy what you don’t need. We are all brother’s and sister’s. We are human, with the same blood and body parts. We have a soul to protect. If we don’t, it will not go to Father in the sky, but will rot in the underworld. We may have different cultures, different pigment in our skin, but from centuries ago, we were all created by the Father in the sky!

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