This set of beliefs would be great for all of us to adopt. In today’s world with the internet, and modern transportation we are all brothers and sisters. What actions we take can affect others halfway across the globe.

In the same thought, what we do to the earth will affect not only us, but generations to come. The reason we should act as if we are all related is because, at the very core, we are all related. Our actions either heal or destroy. There is no action that does not have a consequence.

Today, more than ever we all touch each others lives. Let us all remember, we are all brothers and sisters.


One fine day a customer at the bar I work at came running in set her coat down and said she had some ‘urgent personal business’ to attend to.  I told her she had won a raffle we had, to which in her hurry she simply yelled “Just set the money on the bar I’ll be right back” Well as this lovely young lady was otherwise occupied I went downstairs to grab some more beer from the cooler.  I came back upstairs and could hear her yelling before I even got back in the bar.  “what’s wrong?” I asked with concern.  “You left my money on the bar with the window open and it blew all over” I felt bad.  Indeed I had not noticed it had been a warm day and we wanted to get some fresh air in the place.  What she said next almost made me double over in laughter though.  “Do you know how long it took me to find all $25?” She asked. What’s funny about this? I had never told her how much she had won. The amount had actually only been $20. The other five had been dropped by others.  The point being made here is this. If I had told her she won $20 she may have stopped looking after she had gotten that far. How far could we go if we never placed limits on ourselves or listened to the limits of others?

This reminds me of a Native American story I heard growing up.  There were two hunting groups who had come to see the village Shaman for advice on where to hunt.  With this Shaman happened to be a young apprentice.  The first group said they were looking to find a group of 15 buffalo they had been tracking.  The second asked to find a group of 10 buffalo they were tracking.  The answer the Shaman gave to both was the same “Go north, you will find them there. No more, no less”.  They both thanked the Shaman and set out.  The young apprentice was confused and asked the Shaman which one he had told the truth to.  “Both” replied the Shaman.  Further confused the apprentice asked how can one group find 15 buffalo and the other just 10 in the same area? The Shaman looked at the young man and smiled “Because that is what they expect to find”

That story always reminds me why it is good to expect the best in life. Yes, sometimes you may be disappointed, but if you expect the worst, even if you’re right you’ll still be disappointed. So today do yourself a favor. Expect something great to happen and keep your eyes out for what it may be