With all of the “cash for your gold” signs everywhere everyone is looking for ways to get more of it. Here is the secret to being surrounded with it on a daily basis. Mine the gold in your friends and anyone else you encounter. Perhaps it is human nature, but I have noticed people seem to look for and dwell on what is wrong with a person. Maybe we tend to find it more interesting, maybe it makes us feel better about ourselves? Whatever the reason, pay attention to conversations people have about others that are not present. What seems to be the focus? How do those conversations make you feel? Here is another question to ponder. How do you feel when you hear someone praising someone who is not there to hear it? What does that make you think of the person who is doing the talking?

Next time you find yourself in a discussion about someone who might not be physically present to here you try and say as many good things as you can come up with. See how the person you are speaking to reacts. See how it makes you feel. For a more immediate impact, when you are in a discussion with anyone, be it a friend, business associate or just the lady at the local coffee shop, try mentioning one good thing about them. Do so with sincerity and you will be amazed with what happens. Do this to as many people as you can as many times as you can. After a while you will notice people have an urge to be around you. They enjoy your company. They will smile and start sharing good things about you that they notice. Who would not want to be around someone who makes them feel good? Imagine how your day would go if everyone you shared a conversation with gave you one sincere compliment? How would you feel with say three compliments a day? How would you feel knowing that you did that for others?

Try this little experiment and you will find yourself surrounded by golden friendships

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