The world is full of multiple sources of  negativity. It is important to fill yours with as many sources of positivity as you can. A few days back I mentioned my friend Travis and his new site bringitivity.net a great option to add. Here is the thing. He is my friend, I am his. He has a site about positivity and motivation and so do I. He is trying to reach people and change their lives for the better, and so am I. Here is where a lot of people may see a source for conflict or at the very least competition. Not so. In life we have two ways to achieve success; either by putting each other down, or lifting each other up. Men, I have noticed, seem to have a hard time with this. In my years behind the bar I have seen countless groups of men start to even put down their own friends to try and impress a woman. Which leads me to wonder if the woman is thinking “If he does this to his own friends just to impress me, what will happen once we start dating?”. They would be much better served saying nice things about their friends. It would not only make them look more confident, but also like they surround themselves with good people.

Back to our exact story at hand. Travis and I were discussing blog ideas yesterday. Someone jokingly mentioned that we are fighting to get the good ideas. That is not at all how we work. In fact, the very title of this blog was created in that discussion and he told me “You can have that one” Here is the funny thing, after thinking about it for a few seconds I replied “We can have that one”. He smiled because he knew what I meant. What he has to say will be based on his thoughts and his experiences which will surely be different than mine. Therefore you will get an entirely different post. By subscribing and reading both sites you will not only double your dose of positivity you will also get two entirely different angles on the same idea, either of which may resonate with you better.

So do yourself a favor. subscribe to both this site and his. When dealing with all of the negative influences in the world the best prescription is to “Take two and call me in the morning” Just not to early, I sleep late.

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