The Reward Of Positivity / The Cost Of Positivity

A great take on the road to positivity!


I am not gonna sit here and tell you that its been easy to remain positive. Life has thrown everything and the kitchen sink trying to get me to be negative. Its easier to be negative. Going on the wrong path seems to have more road signs, detours, and exits than the right path. The right path might start off rocky and unpaved. The right path DOES exist. You might have to GPS it, but it exists. You have to have faith. Without faith in your BRING IT, you tend to stall, just like a car without gas and go nowhere. I’m just a ordinary guy but with my attitude and my faith, I’m able to do some amazing things thru staying positive. That is the works of positivity, not works of me. This blog is a work of positivity. I never thought that I could do something like this…….until…

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