Sometimes we may wonder if all our efforts are worth it.  After all, what difference can one person make?  How important is one voice?  Here is a little something I read off of one of my friends facebook pages.  Which is yet another advantage of having groups of friends all trying to lead more inspired, passionate lives.


one tree can start a forest;

one smile can begin a friendship;

one hand can lift a soul;

one word can frame the goal;

one candle can wipe out the darkness;

one laugh can conquer gloom;

one hope can raise your spirits;

one touch can show you care;

one life can make a difference,



As you can see each of these statements by themselves ring true.  Taken as a whole it proves one can be a very powerful number indeed.  Print this poem out, if you ever find yourself doubting your self-worth read it to yourself or better yet out loud.  Remember how important one person can be, and then be that one person!

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