As the week draws to a close I am honored to share with you this inspiring story.  A customer of mine at the post office has a son who had a stroke at the age of 48.  As a result of his medical condition he lost his business, his home and his marriage fell apart as well.  I know, not very inspiring, but it gets better.  One of the first things doctors did was send him to a physical therapy unit.  Based on the information they had, and the observations they made the first thing they said to this gentleman was “you will never walk again”.  Now he is a very rational, practical man.  His mother, not so much.  She said to the doctors, “In this family we do not accept the word can’t and never”.  Her son trying to calm her insisted these men were doctors, and they knew what they were talking about.  He also told her he would learn to adjust.  Well based on this diagnoses his therapy kind of evened out.  This went on for the last four years.  His mother kept saying “I see him walking I tell you”.  Her son, either frustrated with his condition, or upset with seeing his mother’s false sense of hope, actually began to tell her to stop saying that.  Well through a twist of fate, the hospital put out an article announcing they were starting a new physical therapy unit and were looking for volunteers.  You can imagine the speed in which his mother signed up.  In fact, she told me “he was patient number one”.  Well with the new treatment came a new doctor.  This physician reviewed his case and said “I see no reason your son cannot walk” he began by having him stand for 15 minutes a day.  Then yesterday she came running in to tell me her son, who had been basically bed-ridden for the last 4 years, took his first 3 steps with a cane.  His goal is now to walk into his old physical therapy unit to “show them his new cane”

While this story is very inspiring, there is also a valuable lesson to be learned.  When I asked her why she thinks his condition changed so rapidly she replied “he just stopped believing he couldn’t walk”.  Now this man had every right to have this belief.  He was viewed by doctors, experts in the medical field.  These men knew more than he did, yet they were wrong.  Now do not misunderstand me, I am not by any means putting down those in the medical profession.  They attend many years of schooling and their scope of knowledge is beyond what you or I can understand.  One thing they can’t see is the power of belief.  This man’s mind accepted his condition so his body did too.  Do you have any beliefs that you have accepted about yourself or life as true?  Maybe some that came from experts in that field?  I’m not telling you to not take the advice of knowledgeable experts, just to keep an open mind.  Do not only focus on a miracle, expect it! After all, as this story illustrates, miracles happen every day.

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