We have all been there. A million things on the ‘to do list’ and no ambition to do them. Many of these things we know will make our lives better. It could be cleaning the house so we can relax at the end of the day. It could be putting in the effort at the gym so we can be healthy and avoid illness. We know these activities will make our lives better, but here we sit. We are on the couch watching videos of pet tricks. Maybe we are sitting in our gaming chair tackling the latest video game.

We even put off things we might enjoy. Going out to dinner with that friend we want to catch up with. Taking ourselves for that fancy dinner we know we deserve. To, of course, taking that vacation to recharge our batteries so we can tackle life head on. Yet we are still laying in bed binging on Netflix.

Here is a device that can cure your laziness. An hourglass. Turn it upside down and watch the sand start to flow from one side to another. Notice it doesn’t stop whether you are sitting on the couch or doing something productive? This is also how our lives are flowing. Time doesn’t stop if we “take a break”. We only have so much time. Here is the uncomfortable point – it is slipping away as we are watching videos of cats who look like poplars.

BONUS: you want even more motivation to get off your butt and start living your life? Cover the top half of the hourglass. See the sand filling up the bottom? How long until it stops? You don’t know if you can’t see the top. All you know for sure is it is getting closer to the end with each passing second. The same holds true with life. We don’t know how much sand is in the top of the hourglass. All we know for sure is the bottom is filling up more every second and the end could come at any moment. The time to live your life is now, while there is still sand in the hourglass.

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