It still seems hard for me to imagine that 7 years ago I sat at my computer on Thanksgiving day to begin sharing my thoughts with the world. I never would have imagined it would lead me where I am today. This blog is followed in over 100 countries by thousands of people. I am beyond blessed, and beyond thankful to have both the privilege and the responsibility to be the one on the other side of the keyboard sharing with you.
Today in the United Stated we celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a holiday dedicated to focusing on all that we have to be grateful for. For that reason alone it is my favorite holiday. Add to that I now share my life with a woman who can cook better than you can even conceive and you can see why this time of year is so special to me. The truth is, if we knew how powerful gratitude is, this time of year would be special to all of us. Gratitude can change your life for the better quicker and more powerfully than anything I know. In my books I have lots of tips for both changing your attitude to one of gratitude and increasing the level of gratitude you have.
While you wait for your copy of my book to arrive, or perhaps someone is buying you one for a Christmas gift, we are going to engage in a fun 30 day event right here on this website! It is going to be fun. You can join in whenever you feel like it. All it will entail is focusing on one thing you are grateful for each day. By the end of 30 days we will have thought of 30 things that we are grateful for and enter the new year with a grateful and loving heart. This will set us up for a successful 2020!
Whether you answer 1 day, all 30 or somewhere in between, I encourage you to take part in this. Invite your friends to join along, or simply ask the question of the day to friends, family and coworkers. I cannot wait to read all of your insightful answers. You certainly don’t have to share them in the comments below, but why not let us all know the amazing things you are grateful for?
In closing, I would like to again say how grateful I am to all of you who read and follow this blog. I invite you to tell others about it as well. It humbles me and fills me with a great deal of thanksgiving to be able to share all of these thoughts with you. Thank everyone so much for that honor. Come back tomorrow and let us get this gratitude party started! I promise it will be fun!



  1. Thank you Neil we all love you also and your many words of wisdom and life experiences. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day with family and friends and the love of your life
    Margie Story . We will be seeing you soon .

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