Welcome to our 30 Days of Gratitude!! In the next 30 days we are going to focus together on different areas in our life that we can be grateful for. Some may be things we haven’t thought of in a while. Remembering them will certainly give us a little bit of extra joy and happiness. Some we may just be excited to share about the amazing aspects that people may not know about us. Either way, by focusing on just this one thing a day, we will be filled with a little extra happiness. By the end of 30 days it may surprise us how much we truly have in our lives to be grateful for! We are all truly rich and abundant in many areas. By the end of these 30 days it is my goal that we all feel that way.
Are you ready to get started? Me too! speaking of myself, I am going to take part in each of the 30 days by sharing my answer for you in the blog. I am going to share what I am thankful for and why. I suggest adding the ‘why’ because it will make your answers more compelling and meaningful. Do whatever works for you. Without any further build-up….here is day number 1!

Ah…smells. Who can forget the smell of dinner at grandma’s house? Maybe the scent of your lover’s fragrance? Does the smell of fresh-cut lawn make you think of the summer days of your youth? Does it seem to you that scents of different nature can really take you back? There is a scientific reason for that. The olfactory nerve receptor signals travel to a very specific part to the temporal lobe. They process odor signals differently. Because of this smell is closely tied to emotion, memory and conscious perception.

I have so many favorite smells. Coming home to the delicious meals my lovely Margie creates. The smell of my delicious Margie herself. Anything tropical. If everything in my life smelled like suntan lotion I would be full of cheer! I love the smell of damp earth. Vanilla, coconut and anything tropical.

How about you? What are some of your favorite smells? A special memory?

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