These days on social media people have pictures of lions and phrases “I am a king” or “I am a queen” At the gym there are t-shirts with phrases like “train like a beast”

Everyone wants to seem like a ruler and conqueror. It is powerful to conquer fitness and weights, or maybe even your business. The most difficult struggle and yet the most essential is to control one’s emotions. Being able to conquer your mind and control your loss focus allows you to do everything else better.

If you are trying to seem powerful, I suggest working to gain control of the man in the mirror. It may be one of the most difficult yet rewarding challenges you’ll ever face.

4 thoughts on “ARE YOU A KING OR QUEEN?

  1. I agree with your assessment. You might like this passage from
    Proverbs 16:32:
    Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit better than he who takes a city.

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  2. The mirror shows only the reflection of the outside. Looking deeper into the eyes of the soul will tell you much more. All things occur as it should be and in the planning that we each plan before coming to earth. Be the best you can be with whatโ€™s giving you in both blessings and lessons. Namaste
    I am WOMAN
    HEAR my Roar
    am woman hear me hear my water

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