Above you find two great nature photos. The top one is actually pretty neat. It is a photo of my lovely Margie taking a photo right outside Greenfield park before we began our nightly walk there. Later I will share one that we managed to capture while walking in the woods. The lower picture is of a great blue heron, which happens to be my favorite bird. It was taken just outside the post office I work at. I was walking to the bank and it happened to be right there.

One of the great things about technology is it can either serve to take us away from nature, or help draw us to it. I never would think of carrying a camera while at work, but did have my cell phone handy. In a world of selfies and social media I think using our cell phones to capture the joy of nature is a wonderful use of technology. While the debate rages on about the environment, I just enjoy finding new ways to enjoy it. Use your cell phone to get you out in nature! Capture all the natural beauty you can find.

I invite all of my readers to share some of their favorite photos in the comments below. I would love to see all the natural beauty we have captured. Whether it is an elephant in South Africa, or a squirrel in South Milwaukee please let us share your joy.

5 thoughts on “TAKE IT WITH YOU

  1. Love it!!, I find lots of beautiful nature in west All is, including my own driveway, my photo as such will be picture of the day on Monday the 30th on the morning blend., gotta go taking my dog to the park!!! Thanks for sharing

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  2. Beautiful photos! I don’t have nature photos from West Allis, because walking with a cane is a little harder than one might think. I do have some bird photos through the screen, but other wildlife is not viewing enjoyment! Still, the green of the trees and blooms of the flowers are lovely to see every season. We had two Robin nests in our tree this year and listening to them at 3 and 4 in the morning is music to the ears!

    My greatest nature photos were from living in Pewaukee with woods on two sides and a meadow in the back of the old farm house. The turkey’s were there everyday, as I fed them cracked corn as I did with the deer in the evening. If we sat still enough, they would come within 6 feet of us. The turkey’s were so used to me, that when they would see my car come home after work, they would come running from the meadow. On weekends, if I didn’t put out corn by early evening, they would peck at my door. Really some characters! We would also get a mating pair of Sandhill Cranes that the turkey’s would take offense to, but they would eventually stay on opposite sides of the yard. At night we’d hear the Great Horned Owl, but I was only successful in seeing his big eyes blinking one time. Listening to him and calling back, would keep the who-who-who going on for the time we were out with the dogs or sitting by the fire. The Red-Tailed Hawks were numerous and would dive down right in front of us to get a chipmunk or bunny. I must admit, I understand that is also God’s plan of the earth cycle, but seeing those babies in the hawks claws was hard to see!

    I do miss living in the countryside, but at this time of my life I can’t afford the housing prices in Pewaukee or most anywhere in Waukesha. Thank goodness for memories!

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    1. I think if we ever got together I would love to see your photos of nature and living in the country. Listening to your stories through your comments is always such a joy. It is almost as if I am there.


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