Below you will find a link to a video of my beautiful lady making one her divine cakes.  Why am i sharing this? Several reasons.  First, she looks far better in front of the camera than i do. Second, you can see the talent she has and the great cakes she creates. Third, it makes it easier to appreciate the hard work that goes into creating something we may just take for granted and enjoy the flavor of. Which, by the way was nothing short of divine! 

Why is all of this on secret2anamazinglife? How does this cake making video help us to live our life better? Great questions.  Here is how. No matter what we do in life be it bartender, postal worker,  dj,author,  or even blog writer there is an artistry to what we do. When you see a nice smooth driveway that’s been poured, or a house that is newly painted in addition to realizing all the hard work that goes into it appreciate the art that also goes into it. Sure watching this cake video it is easy to see the fished product as a work of art and if you tasted it that would be even easier, but know whatever you do on a daily basis you are creating your own work of art.  

Whether i am writing these blogs or crafting a cocktail or even cutting my lawn if I understand I am creating my own work of art the results will be amazing.  If you want to inspire others follow this website or like our Facebook page.  Now click the link below and let your mouth water! If you think this cake looks delicious feel free to order one of your own from my lovely Margie!


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