I took this picture from a site called “metalmotivation.com” it brings up a very good point. Your mind, no matter how little it may be used, craves input material. Leave what goes in to chance and you are putting yourself at great risk. What do I mean by this? Think of the programing you hear on the radio or TV, a good portion of that is not to positive. Do you have anyone in your life that may be “sunshine challenged”? A coworker or friend perhaps? How about the talk around the office?
What I’m pointing out here is there are a lot of negative influences pouring into our minds every day. What can we do about it? My mantra has always been “the best way to decrease the negative is to increase the positive” so find some motivational material to feed your brain. I listen to some motivational cds on the way to work. When I am feeling a little lazy or unproductive i go to YouTube and search “motivational video” i recommend trying that. Give your brain something positive to chew on the next time the boss is chewing you out.

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