Think of this quote next time you are leaving a moment with a friend. If you knew you only had that moment to tell them whatever you wanted, what would you share? If you knew that was the last time you would gaze upon there face what would you notice? If you were parting ways after a disagreement would you want that to be the last thing they remember about you?

The truth is none of us know what the future may hold. Personally I find it refreshing to have people in my life who always let me know where I stand and what is going on with them. I want to know what their thoughts of me may be and what is currently occupying their thoughts. I find keeping this thought in mind increases the depth of my friendships and reduces the stress in my life. People tend to enjoy the time we spend together more and less of it is wasted. So next time you are with someone you enjoy, remember it could be the last time you have that chance. What would you want them to know? Tell them. What would you want to do with them? Do it. Remember life is short, let us make the most of it and each other.

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