Exercise is a great stress reliever, health and life improver.  So why would a site dedicated to living a positive rewarding life tell you to get off the exercise bike.  Well I am speaking metaphorically.  I once heard it said “Worrying is like riding an exercise bike, you get really tired, but you do not get anywhere”.  Working with the public affords me a great opportunity to experience a great cross-section of people.  Do you know what I noticed?  People worry far too much.  I found this stat about what people worry about very interesting.

Of all the things that we do worry about

things that never happen 40%

things over and past that can’t be changed 30%

needless worries about our health 12%

petty miscellaneous worries 10%

real legitimate worries 8%

Now you can see 92% of what we worry about is not only a complete waste of our time, it’s far worse.  The time we do spend lost in worry increases our stress level, increases our heart rate, and can even cause us to be physically ill!   If you spent that time sitting perfectly still doing and thinking absolutely nothing you would be far better off.  In fact, sometimes clearing our mind is the best form of meditation we can do.  It allows us to refocus, destress and face life refreshed.

This is a site dedicated on simple things you can do to make your life better.  So what if just sitting still and experiencing bliss is not your thing?  What if you can’t get the worry out of your mind.  Then what?  Here is what i suggest.  First, write down your worry.  Get down exactly what it is you are concerned about.  Then honestly decide if it belongs in the 92% or the 8%.  Either way, create an affirmation the is the opposite of your worry.  If your worry is not having enough money to pay the bills perhaps your affirmation could be  I am easily creating financial abundance for my good and the good of the universe…write that down too. Repeat it to yourself as often as you are able.  Make sure to do it every time your worry creeps into your thinking.  You will be surprised at the results!  Once you get into the practice you may not even have to write down your affirmation.  Although I still suggest doing so for two reasons.  One, the act of writing connects our brain to the words in a unique way.  Second, seeing the words as well as speaking them, whether out loud or to ourselves, helps sink the affirmation into our subconscious that much quicker.  Good luck and as my Aussie friends say “No Worries!”

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