An interesting fact was brought to my attention that I think deserves our thought today.  When a living thing dies if put in the right heat, pressure and situation it becomes a fossil, or stone.  A mere statue of its former self.  Not as useful, not as lovely to look at, and not nearly as alive.  In the same thought, when a lump of coal is subjected to heat, pressure and the right situation it becomes a diamond.  Very useful, much lovelier to look at and with a brilliant shine.  So as this week begins to unfold, are we going to let the heat and pressure of life’s situations turn us into a fossil, cold and not very useful, or are we to become a diamond, full of shine and polish from all we have made it through and accomplished.  That very decision is up to us.  So when the challenges arrive this week, ask yourself “Am I going to let this turn me into a fossil or a diamond”.  Have a great week my friends!

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